Prices: why they are what they are

I was just browsing on Etsy and found that I tend to be priced in the middle to high range. I am there because of materials cost. I have very few fabric stores around me (the closest is 30 minutes away, the next closest one is at least one hour) and I have difficulty buying online as I need to touch the fabric to figure out if it will work for my project (the fabric online stores I’ve found have very little description of the fabric and pictures usually don’t give accurate texture). So I pay a premium for my materials and I also want to make some money so I have to charge for my labor (which after fees and such) is usually below $5/hour, well below minimum wage. I just though I might explain why I charge what I do, so people don’t think I’m outrageous.
I make a good product. I try to finish my clothing better than you’d find in a store by using french seams, bound seams and clean finish seams. When you look inside the clothing I don’t want you to see a ragged or rough edge. I take a lot of pride in my creations and I want you to share that.

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