Sublime Stitching V Urban Threads

I was introduced to this battle today. But I am so angry about it; it’s ridiculous. Apparently, Sublime Stitching believes Urban Threads is infringing on copyrights. I will say that the general look and theme of the two are very similar. Because they are going for the same general subcultures. However, the styles are different and the big thing


Urban does. They just also have hand embroidery and the transfers as a natural by-product. After all they have the design. When doing a search most people are badmouthing Urban Threads; saying that they are a big company masquerading as a small one.
No, not really. They are a small subsidary of a large one. They make no bones nor secret (read the about). And read this
this and
I love Urban Threads. It is not a one person operation. How could one person draw, digitize embroider, do bookkeeping, IT work. All the people are listed in the about us. It is naive to think one woman could do it all.
Many of the “side by side” comparisons are of retro designs and anatomical hearts (how many ways can you draw that??? do different hearts look vastly different??) . Yes, when you have two items of the same catagory like a retro designs, they are going to look similar.!!!! That’s how you get the feeling.

Let us all remember:

None of us create in a vacuum. I drew medieval dress designs up as a child and now find them in mccalls and butterick and simplicity books. Does folkwear sew them for making period costume patterns?? NO!!! Because as long as they do the work (the drawing and drafting and are not identical copies) they can’t. This is what stifles creativity. Open your eyes and read and think for yourself before spewing out crap.

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