Clean and Organized Shop and new arrivals

My husband brought me home the best gift on Sunday; two large metal shelving units, a large filing cabinet (perfect for patterns) and a new cutting table. So this week has been crazy hectic with cleaning the sewing area and fulfilling a new order for a pair of cropped bloomer-style pants and a men’s swordman shirt.

East Side of my Shop

East Side of my Shop

South Side of Shop

South Side of my Shop

This new space will make me more productive. As I can now see what kind of fabric I have I won’t be as likely to buy new fabric; also, all my items will be easier to find now that I have real places to put them. They are out of the way, but they are in plain sight which with my ADD, out of sight is out of mind, so I know what I have without having complete chaos. My pattern collection now has a cabinet instead of boxes, so much easier to see the entirety of my collection (it fills up just about two of those drawers).

The new cutting table is the one I’m really excited about, though. It is 72 inches long by 30 inches wide so it’ll handle most of my projects with ease. The best part is that the top of the table is waist high on me so to cut out I’m not hunching over so my back isn’t killing me after cutting out a pattern.

I also reorganized my stash. Now it’s all on shelves either neatly folded in stacks or on a bolts (more will be moved onto bolts once I raid the local Joann’s). It looks less impressive now….but my husband won’t allow me to buy more to make it look more so.

Stash Shelves

Stash Shelves

Today was the first day my room was really in working order and I’ve been much more productive than usual. I have a good feeling about this.

These are the New arrivals orderd from Madeira; embroidery threads, embroidery spool bases (for the machine) and thread nets to keep the extras neat and tidy while in storage:

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