Part One & Two of Corset Making Series

Corset Fashion Fabric

Corset Fashion Fabric

So I have decided I am going to make a corset. I’ve wanted a real corset with steel boning and steel busk for a long time and simply do not have the funds to buy the corset and I have the basic skill to be able to make one. I have tried in the past with less than stellar results but I have read and heard from countless others that it takes many many tries before you make a corset that is truly wearable. I have adored corsets since I was young; it probably stems from my love of period fashions.

Fitting Muslin Front

Fitting Muslin Front

I have also finished the lining as much as I can until I order the supplies to finish the corset.

Fitting Muslin Back

Fitting Muslin Back

I am using Simplicity 9769. It’s a very simple design and I also have 5 copies of the pattern and I can ususally replace it if need be for $1.99 (I never buy Simplicity, McCall’s or Butterick for more than $2. If you are interesting trying it, a kit that bundles all the notions together except for the thread and the eyelet setting kit, but if you make other items with grommets then either you have the 00 setter or it will come in handy anyway.

I am tweeking the design a touch, using 1/2 inch wide spiral steel along the seams (and down the side) and will either put 1/4 inch spiral steel bones in other spots or just remove those all together. This will also be a two layer corset made of cotton duck and polyester brocade Satin

I have completed the fitting Muslin. It has no boning it in at all and fit me perfectly (except for the bust which needed to be tweaked just a touch. As a note, this is the first time I made a muslin fitting first and frankly it seems to have been a good idea. I was able to realize I need to make the seam allowances slightly biggs so I can make those into the bone casings instead of using twill tape or bone casing and so save some money. Also highly suggest buying a yard of the eyelet tape to baste into the fitting muslin since you can just rip it out and reuse it again and again.

Corset Lining Fitting

Corset Lining Fitting

I have also completed the lining as much as possible until I get the rest of the supplies. It fits like a dream and even though we couldn’t lace it tight as I only basted the eyelet tape (again good investment) and there was no boning next to it, it still took my waist from 28.5″ to 27.375″ over an inch of reduction!! I don’t plan on going smaller than 25″ as the smallest my waist has been naturally is 26″. So I’m going to make up the fashion fabric (seen at the top of the post) and then wait until I can order the rest of the supplies. I will have another post or two documenting the rest of the journey and hopefully it will have a happy ending.

5 Responses to "Part One & Two of Corset Making Series"

  • This is Knitting_Geisha from plurk.

    I love this entry! I always wanted a corset! But figured someone of my size would never beable to wear one.
    Are corsets something you can just buy from someone(like online) or would you need to make it yourself or have the maker there with you?
    I really want one!

    1 Mrs.Lawrence said this (September 29, 2009 at 11:44 am)

  • There are a ton of people who make them online. I would need to be able to do fittings since I am not very practiced but I’ve heard fantastic things about Damsel in this Dress and Blue Pumpkin Corsetry and most of the time larger woman actually look better cuz you have more sqishability. I can only healthily do a 2 maybe 3 inch reduction while a larger woman can do more.

    2 Cecily said this (September 29, 2009 at 12:07 pm)

  • PS You are my first real comment!!

    3 Cecily said this (September 29, 2009 at 12:08 pm)

  • Thanks I am checking them out now!
    wow Didn’t know they would cost that much. Sounds Like i need to save up for awhile! lol

    I am proud to be your real commenter! 😉

    4 Mrs.Lawrence said this (September 29, 2009 at 12:49 pm)

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