Corset Making III

Corset Front

Corset Front

Corset Back (pardon the brown lacing, the black wasn't done)

Corset Back (pardon the brown lacing, the black wasn't done)

The corset started in this post is finished. I am not entirely pleased with the way it came out, but first the specs.

It is made from black polyester satin brocade with silver chrysanthemums all over it, and lined with black cotton duck cloth. It has 14 pieces of 1/2 inch wide spiral steel boning with 30 hand set grommets in the back. Black satin bias tape binds the top and bottom. The busk is of the split front and made of spring steel. Cotton corset lacing (brown in the pictures as the black lacing hadn’t finish drying from being dyed).

Now why I’m not happy with it. Most of it is fairly nit-picky, it fits ok, but the bust is just a little too big for me. It would definitely look great on someone who is at least these measurements:
Bust: 36″
Waist: 28″
Hips: 36ish”
I am a 34″ bust and it just doesn’t do anything for them, next time I need to have someone lace me in properly for my fitting. Also the grommets aren’t perfectly evenly spaced and the the fabric ripples a touch at the waist. It is definitely wearable and would look fantastic for a New Years outfit (especially paired with the skirt in my head that has yet to even make it to paper).

Some things I will change for the next corset.

  1. make it 3 layered, have the fashion fabric and duck/coutil layer be one, and line with cotton broadcloth
  2. use at least one piece of spring steel along the grommets in the back (instead of spiral)
  3. have someone take the time and lace me into the fitting corset properly

After this weekend I will have the corset for sale (with the improvements) in my shop for $300, made to measure, those will be made with corset coutil instead of cheap duck. This corset is for sale, as is (well with the black cotton lacing instead of the brown of course), no refunds or exchanges for $160 (that includes shipping).

I hope to have a corset for myself by New Years Eve. I better sell a lot of stuff at the Fall Fest!

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