Guess the Movie/Book/Game

My friend Meri posted this and it is wicked geeky fun (and she wanted to play) so here you go:

Pick 20 movies/books/video games and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and, WITHOUT CHEATING, have your friends guess

1)A super-strong cheerleader, a Jewish computer nerd witch, a goofy slacker, and the school librarian fight undead (mostly) monsters of the week while their personal lives turn into a soap opera. Beloved people die with depressing regularity. (Buffy guessed by Meri)

2)Dr. Frank ‘N Furter, Doc Brown, and a bunch of other blackmail victims run around a big house looking for a murderer and debating simple mathematics. (Clue guessed by Meri)

3)Women do important things and have lots of romance. A young woman has many identity crises. Ten-year-old girl with gender identity issues decides to become a professional crossdresser. Then her love life gets complicated and she kills a man.
So she gives up the crossdressing and decides to vacation with Fantasy Counterpart Culture Muslims. Finally her taste in jewelry saves the kingdom. (Song of the Lioness Quartet guessed by Meri)

4) Two disgraced angels try to exploit a loophole in Catholicism to kill God and destroy the universe, and it’s up to an abortion clinic worker, two stoners, a stripper, and the 13th Apostle to stop them. And there’s a monster made out of crap. (Dogma guessed by Meri)

5)An astrophysicist descends into madness with the aid of an ex-military woman with no sebaceous gland, a plant posing as a blue buddhist, a tentacled samurai who wants to be a farmer, a frog dictator who farts helium, a colourless nymphomaniac plague-carrier, and a reptillian S&M addict who spends his time in and outside the astrophysicist’s brain. (Farscape guessed by Smiss and Jeremy)

6) A nobleman’s friend gets him a job. Everyone’s lives go all to hell. Meanwhile, an adolescent exile with no apparent magical, martial, or political skill decides she deserves to rule the world. Three books later, things still haven’t settled down. There is Twincest. Anyone Can Die. (Song of Fire and Ice guessed by Meri)

7) A young man solves his caterpillar problem through genocide. Sort of like Centipede… IN SPACE!

8) Siblings argue over how to inherit their father’s legacy.

9) A walking cliche thrown from cliche and and falls in love with a lawyer. (Enchanted guessed by Meri)

10) Extraordinarily Empowered Girls kill zombies with bells. (Abhorsen Books guessed by Ruthie)

11) Experienced, heroic champion of light hires a low-level adventurer and their henchmen to stop a plague.

12)Five teenagers with problems waste a Saturday proving that they’re even less unique than they thought. (Breakfast Club guessed by Jewelled Trellis)

13) A Grumpy Old Man, a Straw Vulcan and a tremendous manslut save the world galaxy. (Star Trek: TOS as guessed by Meri)

14) A Western In Space!! (Firefly as guessed by Jeremy)

15) In The Future, a knightly caste make use of sentient, time-traveling dragons to protect their home from rains of alien fungus. (Pern as guessed by Pamela)

16) A princess wants to Screw Destiny, but her horse won’t let her (Mage Winds guessed by Meri)

17) A boy’s car and its friends protect him from alien invaders who have arrived in search of eyewear. Meanwhile, a part-time model declines to eat donuts (Transformers guessed by Jeremy)

18) A wisecracking colonel, an archaeologist who just won’t die, a pretty blonde astrophysicist, and an alien revolutionary step through a big gray ring to fight snakes with glowing eyes and mechanical insects. Later, the colonel is promoted, so a new proverb-quoting colonel and an eccentric, flirty thief join up, this time to fight glowing energy beings who like to play god. (SG-1 guessed by Meri)

19) You are a weekend warrior. Your dog indulges in schadenfreude.

20) A psychic high school track star helps in the fight against Isaac Newton’s evil mecha army on a highly improbable moon made by Atlanteans.

Ok, there are 4 video games, 5 books/book series, 6 TV shows (one is Anime) and 5 Movies go!

11 Responses to "Guess the Movie/Book/Game"

  • 1.) That has *got* to be Buffy, right? I’ve never seen it so I’m not sure, lol.
    2.) Clue (that’s such a funny movie!)
    3.) Tortall- the “Lioness” books.
    4.) Dogma
    6.) I had to think about this, but with Twincest and “A nobleman’s friend gets him a job”, that’s gotta be “A Song of Ice and Fire”.
    9.) Is that Enchanted?
    16.) Gotta be Valdemar- the “Winds” books, right?
    18.) Stargate? Never seen that, either, so I’m not sure

    I KNOW I know more of these- I’ll have to think about them, though.

    1 Meri said this (May 4, 2010 at 2:16 pm)

  • 5.) Farscape
    8.) Stardust
    12.) Might Morphine Power Rangers? lol
    14.) Firefly
    15.) Reign of Fire?
    17.) Transformers
    20.) Stargate Atlantis?

    2 Jeremy Tharp said this (May 5, 2010 at 10:05 am)

  • Oh! Duh! #13 is Star Trek- TOS, I’d guess.

    3 Meri said this (May 5, 2010 at 10:13 am)

  • 5. farscape

    4 smiss said this (May 5, 2010 at 10:16 am)

  • number 7 has to be Dune
    Still working on some of the others

    5 Jewelled Trellis said this (May 5, 2010 at 10:21 am)

  • I’m pretty sure #15 is Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series!

    6 Pamela Prichard said this (May 5, 2010 at 10:34 am)

  • No on 8,12,15,20

    Hints for those incorrectly guessed:
    7 is a Video Game
    8 is a Video Game (RPG)
    12 is a movie (well known 80’s flick)
    15 is a long book series
    20 is an anime

    7 Cecily said this (May 5, 2010 at 10:35 am)

  • Is 15 the Pern series by Anne McCaffery?

    8 Jewelled Trellis said this (May 5, 2010 at 10:43 am)

  • 12: The Breakfast Club?

    9 Jewelled Trellis said this (May 5, 2010 at 10:45 am)

  • 8 – isn’t that true of all siblings though?

    10. Abhorson Trilogy

    And I knew a lot of the already guessed one’s 😛

    10 Ruthie said this (May 5, 2010 at 10:58 am)

  • yes but this is a video game….hint the Dad is an evil god and takes place in the Forgotten Realms

    11 Cecily said this (May 5, 2010 at 11:08 am)

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