My rabbit hunting adventure

So last night my husband and I are outside enjoying the evening after my son has gone to bed. And we see this rabbit munching in our yard. Realize we have a ridiculous overabundance of rabbits here and the cats aren’t killing them. So my husband picks up a rock and throws it at the bunny. Misses. This begins our long adventure of hunting and trying to kill this rabbit with a rock or heavy stick. I have horrible aim so I was merely acting as the flusher/herder. I got within two feet of the damn thing too (wish I had had a rock or a longer club). It eventually got away. Hopefully we scared it enough that it won’t come back. But not before I ran down an embankment, lost my balance and slid across the gravelly driveway behind my house, scraping the crap out of my leg. This is the same leg that a month ago stubbed the foot of three times in one night…and thinking I had broken it. It only recently stopped being sore when I stubbed it again three days ago. Needless to say my foot is very sore today.

Leg Scrape

Leg Scrape

Also loose, flowy skirts, while very pretty and comfy to wear on a hot May days, not so good for chasing rabbits thru tall grass and wooded areas

Definitely one of the stranger ways to bond with a spouse.

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