Dark Glass Mountain Trilogy

I am currently reading Book 2 in the Darkglass Mountain Trilogy by Sara Douglass and would like to say it’s a wonderfully written story. The base story is your typical high fantasy; man must retrieve birthright to save the world. He has his servants and friends and enemies and maybe allies and maybe enemies and enemies that are allies and allies that are enemies yada yada yada. Bu,t the characters are well written, and I want to hit many of the characters over the head with hard objects because they are being impossibly stupid, but that just further proves that they are well developed and written so I feel for these characters.

The story is so vivid I am watching the books not reading them. I can see the Darkglass Pyramid and the deserts and the camps. I don’t remember reading it. This is the mark of a wonderful book when I can barely sit here while the book sits on the table waiting for me to read it (the only thing that gives me strength is that Book 3 isn’t due out until June 1st in the US…although I believe it’s available overseas)

Also I would like to say that Sara Douglass is an awesome woman and writer (not just because of her skills) but also her determination. I was only introduced to her books a short time ago (want to say I read Serpent Bride (book 1) in January. I wasn’t expecting the third book for a long long time because I read on a website that she had been diagnosed with cancer. So I was horrified that such a talented person had been given such a difficult thing but also that she might not be able to finish the series. My fears were unfounded because I just read that she is in remission (and there was much rejoicing) and also that book three was due out June 1, 2010…three years after book 1 was released. That is just amazing (I’m used to waiting years for new books) so she is now ranks among some of the most amazing people ever. In not just beating cancer but also in completing a series in a reasonable (actually in less) time span (take note Melanie Rawn)

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  • I hadn’t heard of her, so I think I’m going to go add the first book in the series to my Amazon wishlist so I don’t forget about it. 🙂

    1 Meri said this (May 12, 2010 at 9:44 pm)

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