Thoughts about machine embroidery

I love my embroidery machine. It allows me to really cool embellished items. There are tons of embroidery designs out there by tons of different people. However I have found two that really suit both my needs, style and are good quality designs (ie give me the least issues on my machine); Urban Threads and Embroidery Library.

Urban Threads Nerdy Rubber Ducky

Nerdy Ducky from their Ducky Collection

Although Urban Threads is the child of Embroidery Library they have a very different feel as well as they also have hand embroidery and digital stock art of almost all their designs. They have designs ranging from Retro to Rockin’, Goth to Steampunk, Metaphysical to Fantasy. They have things to suit almost all your age needs to, from child to adult. They also have an awesome <a href=”″>tutorial</a> to show you different things you can do with the designs. I have a few things I’ve made using their tutes.

They have a wide range of steampunk designs. They are one of the few (possibly only) with real selection of steampunk designs for the machine. I use one of the designs, the clockwork fae for my avatar and in my banner and such because it is exactly what I cater to, fantasy, steampunk, renaissance.

In addition to the wide range of geeky/modern embroideries they have. The files themselves stitch out beautifully. In the beginning of my machine embroidery days, I was getting discouraged with the way the designs I tried always looks bad, skipped/loose stitching, bad tension, thread breaks and then the final designs just looked messy. Now some of it was the learning curve of learning to hoop, getting the right thread tension, needle to fabric combination, better thread (I use only madeira polyneon thread), but also it was badly digitize designs. The first time I used an Urban Threads design, it stitched out with less than half the issues of the stock ones I had (some by the very well known Dakota Collectibles).

Chocolate Tasting Embroidery Library

Art Nouveau Baking from Embroidery Library

Now for the more mainstream, simpler designs I go to Embroidery Library. They have a wide variety of topics as well, far greater than Urban Threads. But their style is a bit more traditional to the feel of embroidery. They do have some hip, young designs but mostly that’s where I go to get designs that appeal across a greater expanse of people or if I want a more generic piece, but one that is still beautiful and a piece of art. Again I have almost no issues when I stitch out an Embroidery Library design.

These are just my two favorite places. They have such a great variety between the two, as well as many other embroidery design sites are soooo expensive (and sometimes you have to buy an entire pack to get the one design you want, while at Embroidery Library they have packs you can also purchase just one design, altho packs tend to be more cost efficient). Embroidery Library is downright cheap for price (but as I’ve stated before the designs are quality pieces) and Urban Threads, while more expensive than Embroidery Library, is still less so than many other sites I’ve seen.

If you know of a embroidery design site you like and love please share!!

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