Three Birds, One Stone

Work in Progress Monarch Queen

Monarch Queen WIP: completed as of this morning

In April, a bunch of my online friends (many, if not all, are crafters) got together and did a stash swap. It involved sending your person items from your stash and then they use those items to create something. The only requirements were they you use the stuff sent to you and that you purchase nothing to finish the project. You could use stuff from your own stash of course but since this was in the idea of stash busting, buying supplies would be self-defeating.
My friend, Haff (of Haffina Creations, et al) send me some fantastic fabric and beads and embroidery thread. It sat for about a week or two while I contemplated what to do. Then Urban Threads made this design and put up a contest for color variations. Needless to say for $50 to UT I wanted to enter (and so putting off working on xmas gifts).
So then I realized I could use the stuff from Haff (since they were all in the blue/pink/purple theme) and create an awesome piece.
So that’s 2 birds with one stone. What’s the third you ask? Well I’ve been thinking about what to make my mom for a birthday gift and I think she would love this.

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