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I have ordered a few things from Pegasus Soaps; her Dead Sea Mud masque, Bit of Honey Sugar Scrub, Whipped Coffee Caramel Cream Sugar Scrub, and Charcoal Cold Process Soap.

She is incredibly fast shipper (and based in Northern Virginia, so I usually get the items the day after she ships them, one of the main reasons I order from her as opposed to many of the other soap makers I know). She also sends samples with your order. When I ordered the samples, she sent me a sample size of her shea butter moisturizer; with the soap, she sent two other soap samples: Dead Sea Mud Soap and Cucumber Melon Cold Process Soap.

Both scrubs were wonderful. My skin tends to be a bit oily and soft so I found the coffee scrub to leave my face soft but not oily feeling like the honey scrub did. Both did a great job of exfoliating the skin without leaving it raw. I would recommend the honey scrub for people with dry skin and the coffee scrub for those with oily skin.
My skin, on top of being oily, is also acne prone (even in my late 20’s I still break out something fierce), the mud mask cleared it up really well, leaving my skin soft and clean.  I also noticed I had fewer breakouts with just using one of these items once per day with no toner or moisturizer or spot treatment than I do when using an over the counter acne wash and treatment.

I’ve been looking for a inexpensive, effective option for a face wash and with the way the mud mask worked, I was looking at her Dead Sea mud soap (since the mask is not meant to be used daily and is a bit too expensive for me to use it daily),  but have also read about the benefits of charcoal for acne prone skin. So I purchased a full bar of the charcoal soap and luckily she sent a sampler of the Dead Sea Mud soap.

I have long heard/read about the virtues of handmade soap, and the caustic chemicals used in commercial soaps. Also many of my friends have said how handmade bar soaps leave their skins feeling cleaner and softer than even mass produced body washes. I am loving the charcoal soap and the dead sea mud soap. It’s actually a bit of a draw which one I like better. I’ve had this dry skin issue (it’s just one spot and soaps seem to irritate it) but since using her soaps it’s actually gotten better! My face is going into healing mode (which isn’t pretty but always happens when you start using a product that works)

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