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January Challenge: Foundations.1930’s Cami-knickers

19th January 2015 | 1 Comment

The Challenge: Foundations Fabric: Silk/cotton blend (50/50) Pattern:  Folkwear #219: Intimacies Year:  1920’s/1930’s (according to pattern description Notions: Thread, snaps How historically accurate is it? Somewhat, I think it’s closer to 30’s/40’s rather than the ’20’s. The fabric is not accurate. It’s theoretically possible for them to have made this (especially since it the silk is the warm and the cotton […]

New Year, New Blog?

4th January 2015 | 0 Comments

So I’ve decided this year to start blogging as well as attempt to kick my sewing up a notch. Mainly by participating in the History Sew Fortnightly Monthly 2015. The January Challenge is Foundations. A corset (or two) is on my to do this year but current lack of funds (and one fashion corset that needs […]