New Year, New Blog?

So I’ve decided this year to start blogging as well as attempt to kick my sewing up a notch. Mainly by participating in the History Sew Fortnightly Monthly 2015. The January Challenge is Foundations. A corset (or two) is on my to do this year but current lack of funds (and one fashion corset that needs to be finish before I go try another..trying to not have too many unfinished projects). Trying to decide whether to do either 1920’s underthings or 1930’s as they would get the most wear in my wardrobe probably.

messy office

My office Part I

Messy Office Part II

But first my office is in a rather shameful state of disarray. So before I can dive into any serious sewing (or writing really) I must clean and organize my space. These two quick shots are of office after a quick clean up of some of the worst offending spaces (namy my grey cutting table and the small wooden table you can’t really see). So this week hopefully I will start to clean and organize my space so it is actually functional. Wish me luck and the ability to stay focused and on task, particularly once I get into the drawers and boxes (yikes!!!!)

Also this will give me something to do while I wait to get my books I ordered from Barnes and Noble (saved 15% using a coupon code found online and free 3-day shipping with a free 2-month trial B&N membership thingy *happy dance*). I decided on these two based on the excellent advice of Jennifer Rosbrugh. She has a lovely historical sewing blog which I love to read and search through for inspiration and hints.  The two books are Couture Sewing Techniques and  Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques Really hoping they will give me the tricks and hints and confidence to bring my sewing to the next level.

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