January Challenge: Foundations.1930’s Cami-knickers

The Challenge: Foundations

Fabric: Silk/cotton blend (50/50)

Pattern:  Folkwear #219: Intimacies

Year:  1920’s/1930’s (according to pattern description

Notions: Thread, snaps

How historically accurate is it? Somewhat, I think it’s closer to 30’s/40’s rather than the ’20’s. The fabric is not accurate. It’s theoretically possible for them to have made this (especially since it the silk is the warm and the cotton is the weft, instead of a blended spun yarn) but unlikely since I can’t find information about it online and don’t have any good history of textiles on hand (will be looking one up)

Hours to complete: I hand sewed most of it, so it took a long time compared to if I’d done it by machine. Probably 20 hours minimum. I also have plans of embroidering it too but since I have some sewing jobs coming in wanted to get this to the “finished” pile.

First worn: haven’t as yet, except for fittings….

Total cost: Fabric was $17.99 (for 1.5 yards of 60″ wide fabric). I did purchase some silk embroidery floss for the embroidery which was 4.95. Thread and snaps I had on hand from previous projects so negligible. So total cost expended was  $22.95.  If I am able to get the embroidery done before the end of the month I will update this entry with new pictures.


Folkwear 219 Intamacies; Teddy


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  • I was just looking for pictures of actual garments made of this pattern. Yours looks so nice! I’m convinced now, I need this pattern. Or make it up my own, but I defo need a teddy like this. It’s really sweet! And congrats on all the handsewing.

    1 Kristina K. said this (July 26, 2016 at 12:53 pm)

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