Historic Sew Monthly Challenge #2: Blue

I was really limited in time this month due to the short month and my time has been eaten up sewing silk robes for a client, so this got pushed down the list of things I need to do. So with limited time it had to be small and I recently chopped off all the bleached/dyed hair so my hair is really short, I decided a hair scarf would be perfect also good for summer since my wool hat would be unbearable and suit my wardrobe no matter what time period I decide to dress in. I did finish this before March 1st…I just hadn’t gotten around to posting about it (also haven’t learned to create a recognizable period headscarf style)

The Challenge: Blue

Fabric: 100% Silk

Pattern: No pattern, just ripped a square.

Year:  1920’s on

Notions: thread

How historically accurate is it? Scarves have been used to create headpieces and to accent outfit for a long time, really gaining prominence in the 20’s creating turban styles as well as covering curlers and pin curls when you sleep. I think the print is fairly too modern but my selection was really limited in silk prints and even more so in prints with blue.

Hours to complete: folding and mitering the corners took the most time so about 1-2 hours total.

First worn: haven’t, trying to find tutorials on how to create period accurate

Total cost: Fabric was $10.82 (got ~30″)

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