About 28 Sides Designs & Crafts

Contact Information
Email: 28sidesdesigns[at]gmail.com
Phone Number: Available upon request (seriously don’t want telemarketers)

28 Sides Designs & Crafts is run by a stay at home mom and handcrafter with help from her technology savvy partner and husband and is now located in the Portland, Oregon area.

Cecily has been sewing for half her life and learned the start of her trade from her mother who is an accomplished quilter. She spent her adolescence sewing costumes for herself and took a few construction and basic fashion classes at college.

She loves historical fashions from medieval times to more modern times. Her personal favorite fashions are 1890’s to 1970’s, with a particular focus on the 30’s-50’s. She is always expanding her knowledge through research, reading and watching documentaries.

She prefers to work in natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk and wool over synthetics and has experience working in different types and weights of each.